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Ks³TeleFitness™ is ideal for those with time constraints, frequent travelers, or anyone who requires virtual interactions with real world results. You receive superior information, instruction, motivation and accountability without having to meet face to face. Ks³TeleFitness™ consists of individualized lifestyle changes to your diet and activity that will yield noticeable results.

Ks³TeleFitness™ consists of cardiovascular and resistance exercises, flexibility, nutritional guidance, motivation and accountability. From the neophyte to the advanced athlete an individualized program will be constructed that suits your needs. Programs are designed for six week duration. Subsequent modifications to Ks³TeleFitness™ programs, including wholesale changes if warranted, are made based upon your rate of progression and or needs. The highest level of Ks³TeleFitness™ is structured as follows:

  • Establish strengths and weakness (via health and fitness history)
  • Bench marking (measurements/clothing size, BMI, etcetera)
  • Expressed goal(s)
  • Individualized workout plans including detailed written plans, and when warranted, mpeg videos showing proper form and technique
  • Email consultation with trainer/nutrition coach 3 times a week
  • Modifications (e.g. additional exercises)
  • Nutritional guidance with dietary suggestions and food diary to be submitted 3 times a week to trainer/nutrition coach
  • Telephone consultation with trainer/nutrition coach 2 times a week

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