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Essential Exercise Equipment

While the lack of specialized equipment should never be a deterrent from exercise, the benefits from using dedicated exercise equipment can be substantial. The types of equipment that an individual will enjoy using will vary. Never the less, there are some specific types of equipment that will assist everyone, from the beginner to the highly advanced, in achieving, maintaining and superseding fitness goals. Equipment ranging from a simple medicine ball to an advanced elliptical trainer will help to create and maintain an effective fitness program. The following equipment is highly recommended for any ambulatory individual, of any fitness level, who is engaging in an exercise program:

Light weight dumbbells
An adjustable “aerobic” step
Medicine balls
Stability balls
Body Bars
Jump Rope

Some of the following equipment requires supervision from a qualified trainer or instructor:
Boxing equipment:
Heavy Bags
Speed Bags
Punch Mitts
Thai Bags
Heavy weights (i.e. Olympic weight set)

Higher end equipment:
Spin Bikes
Recumbent Bikes
Elliptical trainers
Cybex Arc Trainers®
Universal weight machines
Cable Cross
Free Motion Dual Cable Cross®

With the exceptions of the Cable and Dual Cable Cross, less expensive equipment often allows for a greater variety of exercises to be performed with them. For example, medicine balls can be effective cross training tools that help with both resistance and aerobic training. Martial Arts related equipment such as Heavy bags are more examples of excellent cross training tools; However, it is highly recommended that you acquire the services and supervision of a qualified instructor or trainer prior to using them. What makes higher end equipment so valuable is how effective they are in specific training areas. The Cybex Arc trainer is an excellent tool for aerobic training and conditioning.
The use of these various types of equipment allow for the creation, continuation and modification of an effective exercise regimen. 

© 2007 Patrick Thompson


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