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kS3 = Keep safe, smart, strong

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SAFE: Free from harm, injury, or risk; untouched or unthreatened by danger or injury; unharmed; unhurt; secure; whole; as, safe from disease; safe from storms; safe from foes.

Conferring safety; securing from harm; not exposing to danger; confining securely; to be relied upon; not dangerous; as, a safe harbor; a safe bridge, etc.

SMART: Showing mental alertness and calculation and resourcefulness

intelligent - having the capacity for thought and reason especially to a high degree

STRONG: In good or sound health; robust, Persuasive, effective, and cogent, Not easily upset; resistant to harmful or unpleasant influences

Economically or financially sound or thriving

Having force of conviction or feeling; uncompromising
Our Mission
Ks3 (Ks-cubed) has a clear mission to provide access to information and services that assist in enhancing the overall well-being of an individual or group. read more 
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